I am Nicole West, founder of The Westco Experience.  My childhood experience is not dissimilar to many of the students served in schools across the greater Houston area.  I was born/raised in South Park and cherish the opportunities I was provided by my parents from an early age.  As a child those experiences shaped my dreams forthe future and helped me move through my life with a vision of where I wanted to go.


Today, I am fortunate to have realized many of my dreams and understand my responsibility to give back in meaningful ways to my community.  Two of my dreams were to have a family and own my own business; and I am grateful both have been realized.  Through both, the vision for The Westco Experience was born.  My business has allowed me to provide various camp experiences for my wonderful children.  They have had the opportunity to engage academically and socially with a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and countries. They have grown and demonstrated new cultural and academic learning because of the exposure they gained during their camp experiences.


The Westco Experience Foundation was formed to provide these same opportunites to students who lack the resources to gain this experience any other way.  I believe the benefits my own children gained from these interactions should be available to all students in order for them to gain the positive impact I have seen personally in my home.  This is a unique opportunity to be a participant in a movement to fundamentally change the course of a life.  I invite you to review our mission and join us as we make this the venture of a lifetime for deserving students.