Past and Present Activities

The Westco Experience is a newly formed organization inspired by the desires of founder, Nicole C. West, to be a positive change agent in the lives of young people. Mrs. West continually pondered the endless possibilities to be derived if she made the same types of opportunities available to her children available for other deserving children. She believed such experiences would give young people a chance to realize endless possibilities in their lives. She strongly sensed by providing and facilitating such experiences, she could help generate more opportunities for deserving young people. She truly believes every young person deserves the chance to reach their greatest potential.

The Westco Experience Foundation has set as an initial goal to provide educational, adventurous, engaging and most importantly fun summer camp experiences to students. Camp experiences such as, STEM camps, college prep camps, athletics/sports skills camps, fine arts camps, Christian camps and leadership camps that would inspire and transform the lives of students. Ultimately, the Westco Experience camp grads will have completed authentic STEM-based experiences, developed skills to boost their confidence, improved motivation, communication and social skills to prepare them for high school, college and future successes.

We work with schools to identify deserving students who will benefit from these summer camp experiences. A dedicated board of directors with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise as well as volunteers have made commitments to assist in all phases of the foundation’s work, from seeking programs, goods and services to meet the needs of specific youth experiences to securing financial support. Board members have provided start-up funds. They have rallied around the organization to raise awareness of the importance to provide educational experiences that will assist with increasing student achievement at levels.


Future Activities/Plans

The Westco Experience is a completely new and innovative student achievement model. We anticipate as more supporters are presented with the prospects offered by The Westco Experience Foundation for young people, offerings from the foundation will only be strengthened over time.


Future plans include pairing deserving students with the chance to live out their dream experiences

  • WHO would they like to meet (professionals, athletes, celebrities, personalities . . .)
  • WHAT would they like to become (career match, mentors, shadowing opportunities . . .)

WHEN & WHERE would they like to go (Westco Experience camps throughout the world, travel, internships, volunteer opportunities . . .)